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 Okay, I did one of these a while back at the beginning of the season, now I am doing it again. Playoffs.

Post your thoughts on the playoffs here.


I think Boston will go for the East. No Eastern team is really playing with them right now.

West, It will be one of three teams.

Sharks. They have lead the for most of the season, but with Nabby out (im not sure how long) will that kill them and their leaauge low goals against?

Red Wings. They have been on the SHarks heels all season and finally broke into the lead of the west and NHL a few weeks ago and are now tied with SJ for top spot in West and the NHL. They did this without Holmstrom for a good chunk of the year and kep it with Hossa and Franzen out. My only questions for them, like the sharks, can their goaltending keep doing well. Will Holmstrom being infront of the net again open up scoring for Zetterberg, Datsyuk, and Hossa?


Blue Jackets. They have finally found that Vital missing spot between the pipes. Can Mason keep his head in the playoffs and can their offence produce the goals needed like they have been?


I am picking the Red wings because of their offence and 30 to 40 shots a game, but If they come across Columbus, that will be a close searies.

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