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Posted on: January 13, 2009 6:02 pm

2009 All Star Game

Okay, This has been eating at me since I heard the news. Hank not getting voted in the 2009 all star game. Im trying to figure out how so many no namers got the spots when one of if not the best 2 way player in the NHL. Dont get me wrong, all of the players in the game are very talented and they all deserve their spots, but I mean comeon, it would be like keeping Gretzky Yzerman, Jagr, Lafleur, or Howe out of a list of the best players in hockey history. And what about Hossa? Dan Alfredson? Nabokov, Kippersof? There are a lot of big names missing from the list.

So here I would like to know everyones viewpoints on the missing players, well in my opinion missing players. and who you think will win the game.

I think East will dominate most of the game due to a lack in depth mainly in the D, and I see the starting lineups being one sided also in favor of the East.

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